HammerI could not figure out this morning where an indistinguishable sound was coming from. It sounded at times like someone hammering, or a knock at the door, or someone tapping two sticks together. I tried to figure out from which direction the noise was coming from, first looking at the back door, then the front door, then finally outside, to see if it was coming from a neighbors house. Nothing. A mystery. OK, time to get up, and do the morning routine. The noise had abated. Fresh out from the shower, coffee in hand, I started to walk up the stairs to go to my computer, when the strange noise started up again. This time I could locate the direction of where the sound was coming from — upstairs. Much to my surprise, I saw a rather small bird, grayish brown in appearance, sporting a blue-jay-like mohawk, in the process of bouncing against my upstairs window, and then flying upward and out of sight, to the top of the roof, which is perhaps a foot or so above the window. This procedure continued several times, with occasional pit stops in the adjacent acacia trees. When my presence was noticed by our feathered acrobat, a full retreat into the acacia trees ensued. I am pretty sure this goofy bird has a nest somewhere on the roof. The bird resumed its activity when I retreated a few steps downward in order to stay out of sight. What puzzled me though, was the bouncing against the window before arrival at the final rooftop destination. Mere exuberance, or blatant disregard of ground control advisory? I went downstairs and picked up my cat Calvin who was busy ingesting his morning breakfast, and I brought him upstairs to observe the bird. He crouched on the carpet and looked at the window, intent and fascinated by the antics of the bird. He then however made the mistake of lifting his head just a tad too much above the bottom of the windowsill. Discovered immediately, mama bird went into full retreat mode into the acacia trees with very loud chirping to be heard. One can only assume what was said in that one-sided conversation.

Have a blessed bouncy week,

Matthias Leue

P.S. My neighbor Bill informed me, that the bird in question is called a titmouse. Another bird mystery is thus solved.

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