Monthly Archives: September 2015

14 Cookies ?

Oozing out of bed like a banana slug this morning, I get ready for church, toasting some bread which is topped with mayo and smoked turkey. Two pit stops: the first is at Peet’s coffee, where I intend to purchase my favorite Sunday drink: a small café au lait with plenty of milk and whipped cream on top (lots). Since the cup would be lonely by itself, I order a Florentine cookie from the barista to keep it company. The barista leans forward and says: “What?  14 cookies?” Er, no – a Florentine not 14. I am soft-spoken but that was quite a stretch – 14. It appears a bit greedy too – I’m glad matters are settled quickly.

Stop No. 2: the bakery. A long line snakes out the door and to the side along the sidewalk. The line advances footstep by footstep. I see a little girl sitting behind the window and I softly tap on the window: tap tap tap. As I do, I quickly put my arm to the side and turn my hand to look straight ahead. Out of the corner of my eye, I see her turn and look outside, most likely wondering where the errant woodpecker might be. The third time she catches me, confirming the oversize woodpecker and laughs. I wave at her.

I arrive in front of church and settle back in the car, sipping my coffee amidst alternating bites of the Florentine cookie before going in. I’m still a bit sleepy, but then I have to laugh, as I see a potted plant sitting directly in front of me on the hood of a car. The car has most definitely seen better days, but I don’t think it is abandoned. This will remain a mystery as the car is gone when I come back from a quiet Labor Day service.

Have a blessed Sunday