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Matthias Leue takes you on a journey with him through each of his delightful travel stories. His keen photographer’s eye and easygoing nature are evident in every word he has written to share his adventures with you. He not only makes you feel as if you are right there with him, but also as if you are a most welcome companion – Mary Lou Torre

These stories are written from the heart. The saying ‘God is in the details’ surely applies here, as Matthias takes us on a journey of the little things we often miss in our hurried culture. He gives us a sense of place, smell, sound, and taste. He writes with the eye of a photographer – Sherry Karver

I just finished reading fish camping (with a glass of Sancerre, BTW). I realized that an appealing aspect of reading the sketches is that they engage my own travel memories, and it becomes a sort of time-delayed conversation. “Ah, yes, I remember that, and did you see….” and “oh, I’ve not been there, I must go back and visit.” Since I lived in France for a year and a half in Paris trying to learn French, those French visits certainly resonate – Carol Brownson

I felt a connection with the narrative as I was drawn into each tale, as it is as if the author is reaching out to you as you take that markedly special journey with him around the globe. You are able to clearly picture in your mind the extraordinary, foreign sights and smells of each new place – as if you are actually there! As someone who has not traveled beyond England (my home country) I was enchanted by this book, reminiscent of Jane Eyre who longs to travel and discover, hence like her I would call this my ‘escape book’ as I could visit new places for a few hours – Lucinda Fountain



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