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New Book!

I am happy to announce my third published book. It has been a long time in the making and has finally seen the light of day. Hey, Roberto Hu is a collection of travel stories: the primary one takes place in Venezuela, with further explorations of California and the Pacific Northwest. The author’s cat Calvin dispenses his two cents worth in the introduction.

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New eBook


My book “Sea Shells, C’est Gratuit”, is now also available as an eBook.

You can find it here at

Thank you once again to Sleeping Cat Books (a business that has been fully approved by my cat Calvin, and who would also not be adverse to receiving promotional consideration for his endorsement in the form of a can of sardines or tuna), for doing such a fine job converting the book into an eBook.

Book update

My book “Sea Shells, C’est Gratuit” underwent a minor change this week. The content is still the same, but I took advantage of the printer’s offer to upgrade to their premium paper for free. It is now printed on 70 lb. paper, making the pages less translucent as well as making the book a bit thicker (fattening it up for the winter).




This watercolor is from the back cover of, and it is also contained inside my latest book “Sea Shells, C’est Gratuit”. The state of Thüringen lies in the former East Germany, and after the fall of the wall (which is now probably considered ancient history), is accessible to all people once again. It is especially beautiful in the summer, when the golden wheat fields, flanked by long rows of trees (Alleenstraße), exude the abundance of a harvest yet to come. Sweet smells, sounds, and colors of the country — dragonflies and butterflies doing their summer dance; red poppies peeking up through the wheat stalks, cornflowers boasting their Prussian blue. I recall many years ago, visiting my parents with my young sons — when Germany was still divided and Thüringen was not accessible. We took a trip to the border — Thüringen was in plain sight — and saw an East German rabbit blatantly trespassing from East to West, oblivious to the ominous guard towers (I don’t believe he was in possession of a passport either). Thank God, the Wall is now long gone. The rabbit’s descendants (the ones, that have not landed in their proper place — a pot) must surely populate a united Germany now.

Sea Shells, C’est Gratuit

9780983535119I am delighted to announce, that my second book “Sea Shells, C’est Gratuit” was just published on December 1, 2013. It is a color version of my book Fish Camping, and has an additional short story in it, that takes place in Oakland, California. It features the beautiful artwork of my sister-in-law, Anne Leue.

New for 2013: eBook version of “Fish Camping”

I am happy to announce, that my book “Fish Camping” is now available as an eBook on in the Kindle format.

Thank you to Sleeping Cat Books for doing such a great job of converting it to this format. Also, my cat Calvin personally approved my choice of editor.

Please click here to order it.

Coming in 2013

I am  working on a new book (my second one). It is a color version of my book “Fish Camping”, featuring some lovely drawings by Anne Leue. The book will also contain an additional story written in 2012. Publication date is somewhere between summer and fall.

Have a good Monday and blessed week,

Matthias Leue