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Fall musings

Autumn LeavesAt the risk of boring the reader with more ramblings about my cat, I nonetheless need to refer to him this week. I had some business on Thursday, and had to leave the apartment in the morning. Calvin, having spent the last week mostly inside the house, appeared a bit too well nourished — to put it politely, so I grabbed him, locked the door, and put him down telling him to “go play outside”. The expression on his face was indescribable — you had to see it — from surprise, to if looks could kill — but I figured it’s good for his health.

Yesterday, after having my car checked out by my mechanic, I went for some lunch and encountered two small dogs (although that classification might be stretching things), being walked by two women in tandem. One was dressed in a pumpkin sweater, the other in a giraffe coat (the mutts that is). I venture to guess, could my cat communicate with me, he would have a few choice words to say in regards to this matter.

The sun peaked out briefly this morning, but it was a 20 degree drop in temperature from yesterday (I tend to exaggerate a bit now and then). At least it felt like it. The weather icons on my computer weather page indicated swirling leaves. This was indeed confirmed, when I took a walk this afternoon. Piles of colored leaves had collected close to the sidewalks, or were tumbling carefree across the street, enjoying their momentary flight. A few pepper trees (one of my favorite trees) further down the street were struck by a gust of wind, which sent their light airy leaves dancing, grounded by their sturdy trunks. Later on, I just had to pick up a few of the leaves that you see in the photo above, their glowing colors beckoning, as one picks up sea shells at the beach.




After a very unsettled and tumultuous summer, I am finally able to write again — I hope — and I look forward to completing my next book — a color version of my book “Fish Camping” — which has an additional short story inside it. My cat Calvin is rather pleased to have “his” computer table back as well. He of course picks the most inopportune times to stretch out on, or stretch in close proximity to the keyboard, reminding me with such subtle displays of nimbleness, or audacity if you will, that its either feeding, or petting duties that need to be attended to.

The other morning I took him outside with me, and sitting in a camping chair, I held him on my lap, as we both enjoyed the morning air. The plump and stout palm tree that sits at the edge of the back lot casting its shadows, fronds rustling in the breeze, caught both of our attention. Calvin soon grew restless however, and started to explore along the ground, looking at my planter boxes, sniffing at the lemon grass, and flower bush I planted for the hummingbirds that I had to cut back, after transplanting it to a half wine barrel. Tending to his sniffing, he jumped several inches in the air, as an acorn fell right near him with a loud plunk. Surprise on his part, amusement on mine. The acorns are long and oval, and the tree is very tall and has wrinkled rough old bark. I do believe there will be many more acorns to capture our morning attention this fall.

Have a blessed week, and may acorns fall beside you to announce fall, but not on top of you.


PearToday is Erntedanktag, the German Church celebration of giving thanks to God for the harvest, and for our food. In Germany at this time of year, the sights and sounds of fall are in the air, the leaves preparing themselves to drop from the trees to rustle at little feet shuffling through them, crisp air foretelling the end of summer and celebrating autumn, perhaps a fireplace wafting the smell of wood, pears and apples, waiting to be gathered to become apple cider or a yummy desert. A time to reflect, and to be grateful.

Have a blessed week