Monthly Archives: February 2014

Not Just Broccoli

Cats must have a kitchen homing instinct. No sooner had I started prep work tonight, when Mr. C. appeared in the kitchen yet once again, from playing, or perhaps exploring outside. Surprise, surprise — it’s only broccoli I’m cutting up and washing — you doofus. As he sat there looking up at me, I walked over to the fridge, and got out some chicken breasts to trim and then season. I love using rosemary — and I miss my rosemary bush I planted in Oakland in my old place, where I could just walk out the front the door and pick a few sprigs. So — Mr. C. knew indeed, that there is more to a meal than broccoli. You are very smart my friend. Did I mention, that Mr. C. understands probably close to 30-40 words — some English, and some German? Speaking of German, my niece Jacqueline enjoyed it when I sang the cat food song (that I composed and rhymed) to her on the phone, that I sometimes sing to Mr. C. before I feed him. Granted, it’s not Mozart, and she is 10 years old and not very critical (neither is Calvin), but it sure is fun. Oh-oh, I smell some yummy chicken in the oven, so it’s time to leave the keyboard alone, and tend to the more important matters in life.

Have a blessed week

Bright Yellow Breakfast

I could feel that my orchids were overjoyed to be put outside for a few hours today under the rain. There is just no substitute for rain to keep a houseplant happy and healthy. On an afternoon stroll, I enjoyed the rain too, although with an umbrella over my head — after all — I’m no Phalaenopsis. While walking through one of the small alleys, much to my surprise, I found a large grapefruit that had fallen on the ground from its tree above — a bright yellow breakfast — there  for the taking.

And yes, in case the reader is wondering: Calvin got his Schnitzel morsel.

Have a blessed week.


Finally some more rain! The air smells so sweet tonight. If my redwood tree could, he would dance, I think. I believe he will flourish the next few months if this keeps up. My cat Calvin was sniffing the air too — that is before he smelled the pork chops I was pounding in the kitchen (which will become Schnitzel later on this week) and came wandering up the steps, and inside the front door to smell those instead, licking his chops. Not a chance my fine-nosed friend, perhaps a small leftover cat-sized morsel when they are prepared — I don’t blame you though for trying.

Blue to Gray

What a sudden change of weather overnight! From blue skies and Spring-like warmth with blossoms a plenty — to gusting freezing winds and cloudy dark skies. Thank you for the rain though Lord, the hills and flowers are rejoicing.