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On the menu



This week is contest week, the subject being fine dining. So: I ask: which of these culinary items does my cat Calvin (who incidentally is named after the comic strip Calvin & Hobbes) not eat?

1. Shrimp tails

2. Canned tuna

3. Yogurt

4. Avocado

5. Cheddar cheese

The first person to tell me the correct answer to this quiz will receive a free signed copy of my book “Fish Camping”. Happy guessing and good luck. This post is approved by Calvin, with the condition, that there be a doling out of a generous helping of one of the above items. He also mentioned to me in no uncertain terms, that this offer prohibits the contestant from seeking any help from their dogs, should they have one (although personally, I am rather fond of dogs too) and is void in any state or province, that does not adhere to minimum standards for the proper feeding of cats.

Have a blessed thought provoking week,

Matthias Leue