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Food musings

I came across this forgotten draft today. OK – get to work, finish your food musings Mr. Author, as you like to call yourself…

Although basketball seems to be highlight of the Bay Area these days as far as sports are concerned, and deservedly so, I must report that I was privy to a sushi lunch at the time these notes were taken, that focus on a now off-season sport.

Musing No. 1:

Making my choice from the menu, I order the 49er roll, in yes – you guessed right – a Japanese restaurant. Said roll is composed of tuna and avocado. I don’t quite understand the avocado part, although the color of the tuna may be regarded as reflecting part of the team colors in a vague sense I suppose. Still pondering the, by the way, rather tasty avocado, I took note of another interesting feature inside the restaurant: chairs covered in fake leopard skin. Not your typical interior decor for a Japanese restaurant I would suspect, but at least no animal came to harm here.

Musing No. 2:

I had read the menu in the window of this restaurant when I was passing by once, and had made a mental note of their spinach omelette –  a fine choice for lunch as it turned out. As I was eating my omelette, I watched a little girl at the next table devour a large stack of pancakes. She went at them rather sophisticated for her age, armed with knife and fork, taking her time to slowly eat each one, pausing every once in a while to pour a large amount of syrup over the stack that remained. A gourmet in the making. She was so focused on her pancakes, that she was oblivious to the rest of the world. I decided to order some blackberry bread pudding for desert, which I ate with equal abandon.

Now go have some lunch…

Picky, picky, picky

Occasionally I have lunch at a nearby Japanese restaurant, that has a very reasonably priced and delicious bento box. As I walk towards the entrance, I see one of the chefs and a waitress sitting outside talking to each other. I make my way inside the restaurant and sit down at the counter. I always like to come shortly before lunch closing time, as the restaurant is a bit more quiet then. As I sit down, two women are already sitting at the counter eating their meal, and are talking non-stop. Sigh. But, I’m here, and I’m hungry.

The waitress takes my order, and brings me a glass of ice water with a slice of lemon (my favorite), some chopsticks, and a napkin. The waitress that was outside now comes in, sees me, and says: “Oh, you snuck by me!” She then grabs my chopsticks, stuffs them in the water-glass, and asks if I would like a menu. I’m at a loss for words first, look at her a bit perplexed and reply: “Well, I hate to disappoint you, but I already ordered my bento box, and that water was just fine until now”. “Oh my gosh” she blurts out, “I’m so sorry”, “I’ll get you some new water”. I smile, and tell her it’s OK.

My bento box comes, and I start to eat, determined to enjoy it, despite the continuing non stop chatter next to me. A sip of tea, another sip. I notice that the woman next to me has left about four pieces of very appetizing looking sushi on her plate. I contemplate: it looks like they have finished eating, will they leave soon? I weigh having to listen to more chatter, against the prospect of an early departure on my part. Yes! The waitress brings their check, and they finally pay and leave. The waitress turns her attention towards the plate of the departed customer that has the sushi on it, to take it back into the kitchen. I ask her: “May I please have that sushi for my cat”? She tells me: “Sure, sure, let me get you a box”. Patience is rewarded. I then finish my lunch.

Now get this: I come back to my apartment, and serve the fish to Mr. Calvin. And what do I get? An upturned nose, as he sniffs at it, and walks away. “Do you know, what I went through, to get you this?”, I raise my voice. My displeasure is sensed immediately, and a very rapid retreat is made from the kitchen.

Evening update: Apparently someone’s appetite has returned, and the fish was finally eaten. Lucky for you buddy, I was considering withholding canned food, until you do. Other cats would fight over this. Sincerely: the other resident of the apartment.

Have a blessed Sunday and week, and may more than one piece of fish come your way — quietly…




The lumbering bear is in dire need of moving around a bit to stretch, so after making a payment at my dentist’s office, I park on the street next to the beach. I am careful to observe the rear view mirror, in case there are any lurking meter maids, as it is five minutes to 11 o’clock, and there is street sweeping here today until said time — the sign informs me. From the looks of the street, the sweepers have already passed, but due caution is always advised in such matters.

Today is June 21, the start of summer! A few days ago, a beautiful dahlia from my small garden opened up — that’s a sure sign of summer, if there ever was one. It reminds me of my mom’s dahlia garden in Germany.

Having taken off my glasses, to put on a baseball-style cap that my youngest son gave me, I meander to the beach, where I take off my flip-flops, for a long walk along the water. To my left are some rather well-nourished seagulls, who keep a respectful distance. In front of me, I see a bright neon orange plastic starfish mold, an incentive for a kid to produce sand starfish, and plenty of them too! A starfish colony, perhaps? Starfish are beautiful creations — I’m always amazed at their feel, which is not unlike sandpaper. I see a kite in the sky; surprising, considering there is almost no wind today. But upon closer observation, the kite moves north and turns out to be a Southwest Airlines airplane. What a doofus — the glasses would have helped clarify this sooner; I chuckle.

At the end of the beach, I decide on some lunch, and enter a Japanese restaurant to have their bento box lunch special. A few tables away, I see Captain America (he is wearing his t-shirt) eating lunch with his two small children. They seem happy, that dad took them out to lunch. I have been observing the girl who has been seating people at their tables, while eating my lunch, and I am amused by the way she walks — it looks like she is sleep-walking. After paying my bill and as I leave to exit the restaurant, I tell her of my observation, to which she giggles “oh my gosh”. Adorable.

OK, time for the loooong walk back to the car.

May God fulfill some of your summer dreams this year,

Matthias Leue