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Cloudy ponderings

I inadvertently had to think about the summer mishap, as I hung out my laundry this afternoon. The sky was overpopulated with clouds, some gray, some white, and some of a rather more than ominous dark gray. I felt like they were mocking me, as if to say: “go ahead we dare you, we have plenty of rain stored up”. Another quick glance at the Internet weather site: “Overcast, cloudy, 0% chance of humidity”. I hope the Internet is telling the truth.

Walking to the library under the cloudy skies was a nice change of pace from the bright skies the past few days. There is definitely a hint of fall in the air now. The ginkgo trees (written about so much by Goethe) are still a vivid green, but a few of the leaves show a just hint of the glorious golden-yellow yet to come.

Have a blessed week, in Jesus name. Amen.