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As the year winds down, I am grateful for a wonderful Christmas visit to Oregon. I reflect on the candlelight Service; I remember the woman in front of Patrick and me thanking us for singing the hymns with our deep voices behind her; I ponder Patrick doing all his culinary preparations — he has the motions of a chef now — and I can only marvel at the skills he has acquired; I delight in the unique home-made jelly Christian gave me; I muse about the sleepy hedgehog Hannah showed me that bit me (my fault for smelling like a chicken taco); I remember the great Christmas dinner Big Patrick and Sanae made, and chuckle about the cats hiding from me. Thank you for a peaceful Christmas God.


BulldogRunning errands the other day I came upon what you see prominently on the left in this photo here. God definitely has a sense of humor which is clearly exemplified in this four-footed creature. You can’t help but chuckle at that face. After observing one another for several moments, contemplating life, and the sunshiny day, Mr./Ms.? bulldog (I thought it rude to check on specifics) was petted by yours truly, as we parted ways.

The last two Christmas trees at the local drugstore are finally gone now. In their place are dozens of roses, their roots wrapped in plastic, their pruned back, thorny stalks comprising the other half of what is visible. One would venture to guess it must be rose planting season. I have a wild rose still blooming in front of my loft — pretty amazing for January. Roses always make me think of Portland, Oregon — the City of Roses, as  Portland calls itself, and for good reason. Portland has an ideal climate to grow roses. The rose garden in Portland is a pure joy to see and to smell in the summertime, when the roses are in full bloom. An abundance of color and fragrance to delight the senses.

Have a blessed week,

Matthias Leue