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I think it is safe to say that most people will be more than happy to leave this last year behind. The unexpected pandemic, the wildfires here in the West, other natural disasters around the globe, hunger, poverty, injustice.

The shelter in place implemented in March led to some unexpected experiences. Almost car-less streets, fresh air, families spending time at home and with each other, leaving behind the frenetic pace and wrong priorities for a while. There were lots of positives and things to be learned or re-learned.

Now with a vaccine on the horizon, and finally a decent man to lead our country again after the catastrophic last four years and the hope that “build back better” will indeed be what lies ahead. The potential is there to do good and to set a high standard and correct the wrongs that have plagued especially this country for so so long. Our wonderful President Obama set the bar real high and pointed the US in the right direction while making sure this country was part of the world community. This was and is so vitally important.

The hardship of the holidays without being together with loved ones, children being unable to go to school, overworked caregivers. Yes, the last year is best left behind.

On a personal note, I hope to finally publish my so oft delayed next book. I certainly have had time to write and draw a bit this past year.

May 2021 be a year of healing, learning, and making the world better in all regards. It starts with every one of us.


CloudsWaking up to sunshine late on New Year’s day is such a delight. My four-footed friend had made the meowing request for a an early morning “please let me out”, and obliging, I fell back asleep afterwards.

A few days ago, I saw these amazing clouds, as I was on the freeway, being passed by cars left and right, as usual. To me, the large shape looks a little like a ship traversing the seas, the waves lapping at it. I couldn’t take my eyes off the sky,

May the Lord smile upon you, in this just begun New Year.

Ducks and Monday morning musings

"My" two ducks

“My” two ducks


I took a short walk on Saturday to visit two of my fine feathered friends, a pair of ducks with colorful plumage who frequent a pond in a nearby park. They are always happy to see me. I wonder, do they recognize me by now? I’m pretty sure they can identify the bread inside the plastic bag I carry in my vest pocket. They were swimming their usual circles in their winter habitat, surrounded however by a good dozen or more geese who were being rather intrusive as far as bread crumb gathering and distribution was concerned. Two of them actually started an ongoing fight, despite the fact they both had a piece of bread in front of them. I have never been fond of geese (not even when cooked). They may look nice flying in formation, but they are a pushy noisy bunch, not to mention the mess they leave behind. What amused me is that the ducks climbed up out of the pond onto the small ledge in order to be in closer proximity to the bread crumb dispenser. They were duly rewarded, while the riff-raff on the pond was busy fighting with each other. When the bread was gone I was able to briefly stroke the dark-feathered duck as it went back into its nautical domain. It was also surprising to note, that the duck undercarriage when out of the water elevates the whole duck by quite a bit.

Yesterday was 3 Kings (Epiphnanias), and in the German Lutheran tradition the day afterwards is the time when the Christmas tree decorations are taken down, so that’s one of my chores for today, after finishing writing this blog. I guess that’s part of the holiday blahs and blues, putting things back into the box for another year. Thank God New Year’s Day was such a sunny and beautiful day. For Christmas, my potted indoor redwood tree served as the Christmas tree, and was decorated by my youngest son Patrick and his girlfriend Hannah who came down to visit from Portland. A fine job they did too, keeping most of the ornaments out of my cat Calvin’s reach.

As I look at the trees outside my window over the top of my computer screen, I see that they are finally losing their last leaves, the last deciduous hold-outs of the season. The forecast cold nights and rain later in the week should help them in attaining their proper January tree appearance.

Have a blessed week,

Matthias Leue

P.S. Can anyone help me to identify the bird species swimming along with the two ducks?