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Avocados and Donuts

I overslept a bit this morning, so I quickly gobble down a 1/2 bowl of cereal before driving to Church. I see the beautiful hedge of oleanders that I normally drive by has been butchered: a good three or four feet of it  lopped off at the top, destroying most of the flowers. Not only that, but now one can see the trailers sitting behind this normally tall natural fence. I hope whoever is guilty of this act of barbarism, does not refer to themselves as a gardener. Poor oleanders.

After service at the farmer’s market I buy an avocado. I always let the girl that sells them choose one or sometimes a few for me, and she always chooses well. I pick up a giant of a peach too, after tasting a sample of it, and as all good things come in three: a bag of almonds. I love the farmer’s market.

There is a fluffy white dog that goes by the name of Molly, that I occasionally (which now seems to be regularly) feed at the nearby coffee shop. She knows me very well. Ducking into the donut shop after completing my purchases at the market, I buy “our” favorite donut: an old-fashioned powdered. It is amusing to see how she sits up on her back feet to gently take the small pieces I break off from the donut. Sometimes she jumps up too, a good three to four feet when I hold a piece higher — a remarkable feat for a dog that is about a half a foot tall. I would guess she usually gets the better half of our shared donut.

Have a blessed Sunday