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Egg wreaths?

Egg wreath

Egg wreaths

Eggs, eggs, and more eggs:

As I entered one of my local Peet’s coffee stores last week, I couldn’t help but notice the barista who was making my café au lait, sporting bright neon red hair. Glancing over at her, as she was tending to her coffee activities, I remarked to the cashier I was ordering from, that it seems that someone didn’t find an egg, which cracked up the cashier (pardon the pun), who relayed my observation and comment to the barista girl. from whom I then sheepishly picked up my coffee drink. She was smiling and laughing though, I’m happy to say.

My next surprise came at the local AAA office, where, while I was making a payment, waiting at the counter for a new employee to coax the proper information out of their computer, I generously helped myself to two large chocolate eggs that were in a bowl on the counter. Computer sluggishness does have its benefits.

Running an errand in the city, I passed by a flower store that actually had the egg wreaths you see pictured above, prominently displayed on their wall. Now Christmas wreaths I can understand, but this just seems a bit silly to me. What’s next, baseball wreaths?

Have an eggstraordinary week