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Early December

It’s astounding how a week or two of chilly nights can finally send the leaves on the trees into their “OK, I guess it’s time to change color, and drop a few” mode. Some of my favorite trees in the neighborhood have the full spectrum of fall color ranging from green, to yellow, to orange, to red. With due diligence I may be able to solve the mystery as to what kind of trees they are. They are a joy to behold.

I saw a young woman with cat ears yesterday. Adorable. I think they were leopard ears. This information was relayed to my cat Calvin of course.

Lights can make such a difference: I drove past a construction site in the dark of night last night, and saw a huge crane that was beautifully decorated with Christmas lights. Quite tall it was too, towering silently over the residential area around it and adorning the area with Christmas cheer.

Have a good second Advent tomorrow and in Germany it’s also “Nikolaus”, or St. Nicks Day. Don’t forget to set your shoes outside, and hope for the best.