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Not Just Broccoli

Cats must have a kitchen homing instinct. No sooner had I started prep work tonight, when Mr. C. appeared in the kitchen yet once again, from playing, or perhaps exploring outside. Surprise, surprise — it’s only broccoli I’m cutting up and washing — you doofus. As he sat there looking up at me, I walked over to the fridge, and got out some chicken breasts to trim and then season. I love using rosemary — and I miss my rosemary bush I planted in Oakland in my old place, where I could just walk out the front the door and pick a few sprigs. So — Mr. C. knew indeed, that there is more to a meal than broccoli. You are very smart my friend. Did I mention, that Mr. C. understands probably close to 30-40 words — some English, and some German? Speaking of German, my niece Jacqueline enjoyed it when I sang the cat food song (that I composed and rhymed) to her on the phone, that I sometimes sing to Mr. C. before I feed him. Granted, it’s not Mozart, and she is 10 years old and not very critical (neither is Calvin), but it sure is fun. Oh-oh, I smell some yummy chicken in the oven, so it’s time to leave the keyboard alone, and tend to the more important matters in life.

Have a blessed week