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Food musings

I came across this forgotten draft today. OK – get to work, finish your food musings Mr. Author, as you like to call yourself…

Although basketball seems to be highlight of the Bay Area these days as far as sports are concerned, and deservedly so, I must report that I was privy to a sushi lunch at the time these notes were taken, that focus on a now off-season sport.

Musing No. 1:

Making my choice from the menu, I order the 49er roll, in yes – you guessed right – a Japanese restaurant. Said roll is composed of tuna and avocado. I don’t quite understand the avocado part, although the color of the tuna may be regarded as reflecting part of the team colors in a vague sense I suppose. Still pondering the, by the way, rather tasty avocado, I took note of another interesting feature inside the restaurant: chairs covered in fake leopard skin. Not your typical interior decor for a Japanese restaurant I would suspect, but at least no animal came to harm here.

Musing No. 2:

I had read the menu in the window of this restaurant when I was passing by once, and had made a mental note of their spinach omelette –  a fine choice for lunch as it turned out. As I was eating my omelette, I watched a little girl at the next table devour a large stack of pancakes. She went at them rather sophisticated for her age, armed with knife and fork, taking her time to slowly eat each one, pausing every once in a while to pour a large amount of syrup over the stack that remained. A gourmet in the making. She was so focused on her pancakes, that she was oblivious to the rest of the world. I decided to order some blackberry bread pudding for desert, which I ate with equal abandon.

Now go have some lunch…

Avocados and Donuts

I overslept a bit this morning, so I quickly gobble down a 1/2 bowl of cereal before driving to Church. I see the beautiful hedge of oleanders that I normally drive by has been butchered: a good three or four feet of it  lopped off at the top, destroying most of the flowers. Not only that, but now one can see the trailers sitting behind this normally tall natural fence. I hope whoever is guilty of this act of barbarism, does not refer to themselves as a gardener. Poor oleanders.

After service at the farmer’s market I buy an avocado. I always let the girl that sells them choose one or sometimes a few for me, and she always chooses well. I pick up a giant of a peach too, after tasting a sample of it, and as all good things come in three: a bag of almonds. I love the farmer’s market.

There is a fluffy white dog that goes by the name of Molly, that I occasionally (which now seems to be regularly) feed at the nearby coffee shop. She knows me very well. Ducking into the donut shop after completing my purchases at the market, I buy “our” favorite donut: an old-fashioned powdered. It is amusing to see how she sits up on her back feet to gently take the small pieces I break off from the donut. Sometimes she jumps up too, a good three to four feet when I hold a piece higher — a remarkable feat for a dog that is about a half a foot tall. I would guess she usually gets the better half of our shared donut.

Have a blessed Sunday


First Day of Fall

AvocadoAlthough the wind did its share today in rustling and whipping through the leaves in the trees, it accomplished little to nudge them into a descent. Perhaps it had more success in other parts of the Country. Blue skies and sun pervaded at least the East Bay today. Our leaves turn color late — a lazy bunch here.

A bit tired and lethargic today, I nonetheless baked some banana bread this afternoon, and was rewarded with the sweet aroma of it drifting from the oven, when I opened the door a couple of times, to check its progress. Leftover food cleanup today, I also made an avocado sardine sandwich — which was a first for me, and it’s not bad at all, if I may say so. My cat Calvin also had his first sardine of his feline life, just devouring it, without lifting his head even once. I have never seen him eat like that. So — brain food for the both of us — we both hope with positive results.

May the Lord bless you with his peace on this quiet Sunday evening, and for the coming week.




I must say, Calvin is rather disappointed about the minimal response to last week’s question. So far, no one has guessed correctly. He is waiting for his treat folks, so let’s step up to the plate! The photo for this week has nothing at all to do with Calvin’s dilemma, but I like it, it shows a favorite sandwich of mine: bacon, tomato, avocado, and egg, with mayonnaise on white toast. The photo also fulfills my “green obligation” for St. Patrick’s Day, I do believe.

I hope you had a blessed Sunday, and I wish you an avocado-filled week,

Matthias Leue

P.S. For the keen observer or food sleuth: The sunny side up fried eggs were still in the frying pan, when the image was taken.

On the menu



This week is contest week, the subject being fine dining. So: I ask: which of these culinary items does my cat Calvin (who incidentally is named after the comic strip Calvin & Hobbes) not eat?

1. Shrimp tails

2. Canned tuna

3. Yogurt

4. Avocado

5. Cheddar cheese

The first person to tell me the correct answer to this quiz will receive a free signed copy of my book “Fish Camping”. Happy guessing and good luck. This post is approved by Calvin, with the condition, that there be a doling out of a generous helping of one of the above items. He also mentioned to me in no uncertain terms, that this offer prohibits the contestant from seeking any help from their dogs, should they have one (although personally, I am rather fond of dogs too) and is void in any state or province, that does not adhere to minimum standards for the proper feeding of cats.

Have a blessed thought provoking week,

Matthias Leue