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Pumpkins and acorn caps

I paid a visit to a Home Depot store the other day (during the last days of October), to purchase a few household maintenance items. Outside the store sat dozens of pumpkins waiting to be taken home and carved, or better yet, turned into pie. It reminded me of the Half Moon Bay pumpkin festival, where they seem to have the annual pumpkin convention, more than well attended, judging by the sea of orange. Inside the store however, no pumpkins were to bee seen — instead Christmas music (and bad music at that) blared over the speakers, as Christmas merchandise was piled high and wide. Come on folks, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. It’s really disheartening to see such corporate greed, taking all the joy out of the gradual seasonal changes and their accompanying holidays, not to mention the total lack of regard for Christmas and it’s true meaning of God’s son Jesus coming to earth for us. The employees who I talked to about it, seemed resigned to the unseasonal intrusion.

This morning, while I sat in the back under the “acorn tree”, as I playfully like to call it, my cat Calvin joined me, first coming down the stairs at a brisk pace, and then casually exploring the surroundings, including a curious sniff of my donut, that was acknowledged, but left alone (I did eat some bread with cheese and salami too — in case there are questions about nutrition). The jumpiness on his part in regards to falling acorns seems to have disappeared too.

I saw two people coming down the driveway that extends along the fence and then saw the man pick up an acorn cap, which he proceeded to bring near his mouth, cupping his hands and which he then blew into. A high whistling sound emerged. He grinned at me and said, “these acorn caps sure are practical if you get lost in the woods”. After they had left — monkey see — monkey do, I tried to emulate his feat with an acorn shell, alas to no avail. I never could whistle either, much to my consternation. Oh well — we all have different gifts and talents.

Have a blessed week




After a very unsettled and tumultuous summer, I am finally able to write again — I hope — and I look forward to completing my next book — a color version of my book “Fish Camping” — which has an additional short story inside it. My cat Calvin is rather pleased to have “his” computer table back as well. He of course picks the most inopportune times to stretch out on, or stretch in close proximity to the keyboard, reminding me with such subtle displays of nimbleness, or audacity if you will, that its either feeding, or petting duties that need to be attended to.

The other morning I took him outside with me, and sitting in a camping chair, I held him on my lap, as we both enjoyed the morning air. The plump and stout palm tree that sits at the edge of the back lot casting its shadows, fronds rustling in the breeze, caught both of our attention. Calvin soon grew restless however, and started to explore along the ground, looking at my planter boxes, sniffing at the lemon grass, and flower bush I planted for the hummingbirds that I had to cut back, after transplanting it to a half wine barrel. Tending to his sniffing, he jumped several inches in the air, as an acorn fell right near him with a loud plunk. Surprise on his part, amusement on mine. The acorns are long and oval, and the tree is very tall and has wrinkled rough old bark. I do believe there will be many more acorns to capture our morning attention this fall.

Have a blessed week, and may acorns fall beside you to announce fall, but not on top of you.