At the Grocery Store

No matter what grocery store I meander into, I am always fond of samples. Walking down the produce aisle, I sniff the air to see if any might be had in the vicinity. Success: my nose leads me down aisle three, where I make a sharp u-turn, and voilà – encounter some meatball samples at a stand set up near the bacon and sausage section. Three different kinds of meatballs! I sample each different kind of meatball, politely listening to the woman at her stand who informs me what ingredients each is made of in her studied dialogue. Please don’t think me greedy dear reader for sampling all three, I was just hungry.

The stomach appeased by the meatballs, I purchase just a few items from my grocery list and get in line. Surveying the store waiting for the cashier to ring up the person in front of me, I see four enormous teddy bears sitting on some canned goods right next to the store front. They have price tags to match their size too: $129 each. Valentine leftover bears I suppose. I have always loved bears, so after I pay for my groceries, I walk by them and playfully pat the tummy of one. Did I hear a sigh of contentment?

May your week be bearable, and full of delicious free samples.

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