Stealth Mode

The forecast yesterday was for partly cloudy skies with sunshine, and surprise, surprise, it did come true today. Not an easy feat to predict in the Bay Area, where conditions can change at a moment’s notice. I am however filled with mirth when I compare the TV weather presentations between Germany and the US. For the former, a large map of Germany is shown at the end of the regular newscast, with the high and low temperatures displayed on the map, as well as the various icons depicting clouds, sun, and rain (with ice in the winter) gracing said same. With rain – if I recall correctly – the icons are animated, perhaps encouraging the viewer to take inventory of their umbrellas in the house. The forecast itself lasts perhaps 15 seconds or so, giving one a somewhat accurate preview of the next day.

Now in sharp contrast, yesterday’s weather forecast here in the Bay Area depicted a – shall we say more than animated individual – who went to great lengths to entertain the viewer – the whole episode perhaps lasting five minutes or more: graphics, animation, satellite imagery – an avalanche of information that may or may not come true the next day. Nonetheless, thank God we are still not in charge of the weather, despite all the advancements in technology and it’s followers that pompously try to profess otherwise.

I was, I must admit, so sidetracked and distracted by all the bells and whistles of the weather “entertainment”, that I did not take notice of the silent approach that had taken place right next to my chair: as I casually glanced over to my left after the noisy debacle had subsided, I saw that my cat Calvin’s head was inside my tall glass of milk – a perfect fit – and he was casually helping himself to a small portion of moo juice. I chuckled as I let him drink, amused that he had managed to outsmart me.

Have a blessed rest of the week

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