Right focus

It has been a rough week emotionally, to say the least. Speaking briefly with the pastor’s wife after coming out from service, she told me that the only thing all the kids talked about this week in the after school program was the violence and hate they saw on TV, and didn’t understand. Bad being called good, wrong being called right, fighting, bad language.

I’m sometimes asked why I post comics on my social media page – “that’s for kids”, I’m told – well quite simply put: the world needs humor, laughter, uplifting stories – focusing on the good, and positive side of life. And besides, I love kids.

The proliferation of modern technology in our age makes us aware of any given situation in the world almost instantaneously, and we are bombarded with information all the time, much of it lies and exaggerations. I think this may be subconsciously sucking us into a negative downward spiral. On a side note: I saw an article which explained that a new scientific study now shows that people who spend too much time on their smart phones suffer from sleep disorders. This doesn’t surprise me at all.

Just spending a half hour down by the water this evening looking at the phenomenon of the bright yellow “super” moon, the soft ripples on the water, pink reflections of the sunset fading from the edges of the clouds, a fisherman casting out his line – almost a silhouette in the evening light, and a small dog of rather humble stature relieving himself on one the poles right next to me, brought life into perspective again.

I’m shutting down the news this week. Perhaps longer.

Have a blessed Sunday evening. In Jesus name, Amen.

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