The World Cup in Brasil

The author will digress a bit now: it’s time for the World Cup, the most exciting, and globally beloved sports event, held once every four years. I always love seeing the different countries and their kaleidoscope of fans participate. This cup should be a lot of fun again, just like the last one in South Africa in 2010. During that one, I had my neighbors from Brazil, Uruguay, Greece, and of course the US, and Germany assembled in my loft in Oakland, California for several of the games — a diverse international audience. At the top of the hill, I saw a huge South African flag flying — soccer fans everywhere during that time it seemed. Deservedly, with a beautiful game on their part — Spain claimed the cup.

I have a friend who used to own a Brazilian restaurant in San Francisco, so the current tournament made me think of her. Café do Brasil (which during games was packed) has been closed for quite some time now, and Elvia is retired (sadly, I don’t know where — a book I sent to your last address I had came back). I hope you are doing well. We sure had a lot of great food there (our favorite was the Brazilian national dish: feijoada). Obrigado.

On a musical note (if that term may be used) one does hope the upcoming cup will be without Vuvuzelas. En masse, the do tend to be a bit abrasive, as South Africa clearly demonstrated.

While grocery shopping the other day, I saw displays of World Cup merchandise: glasses, flags, musical instruments, and this may be unique to Germany — a garden gnome dressed in the national team garb. Who would put this eyesore in their garden is beyond me, but they do exist, just so you know. The television coverage here in Germany has been delightful, including the roving reporters covering the various locations in Brazil.

Juntos num só ritmo™ !

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