By the Numbers

NumbersIt always takes a bit to adjust back to the culture and language when I’m visiting my brothers in Germany, but after a week or so now, progress has been made. I do get funny looks though once in a while, so I must be expressing myself with California mannerisms or using American expressions. Some years back, I sent a sales girl in a bakery into conniptions when I asked her for half a dozen Brötchen (rolls). Apparently Brötchen are counted in specific numbers here, so one orders them in increments of two, or four, or six, or eight (depending on ones appetite or the number of people in your household). I’m also not sure if odd numbers of Brötchen may be requested, I shall look into this. As for eggs: they are packaged in cartons of either six or ten. They taste just as good though — in case the reader is wondering. The rural area where I am staying is densely populated with free roaming chickens and the occasional roster too, so the quality of the eggs (and presumably the chicken and rooster) is superb.

OK, time for some grocery shopping. A slight drizzle notwithstanding, I make my way to my favorite Italian ice cream store. Having been absent for years, I am recognized nonetheless (loyal customer that I am) and am promptly attended to. Repeat visits in the near future are stated. Yes, I do consider that part of grocery shopping, in case a few eyebrows were raised.

I look in three different stores for a specific type of tea that has been requested by my brother, but come up empty. He did tell me the name of the store where it could be found, but I will joyfully blame forgetting the name of the store on jet lag. I do find some apple tea though, much to my delight. Walking by the Gummibärchen store, I think of the girls.

Last stop on the culinary tour: a butcher store in order to pick up some Mettwurst (a type of pork tartare). I also inquire if they have any sausage ends, but this is met with a no — they no longer do this for so called sanitary or freshness reasons — I am told. Perhaps some kind of new EU regulation. I will have to be the bearer of bad news for Holger’s dog Moana. Along with others of her species, a formal protest at the EU seems in order.

Have a blessed week

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