Closed for the Day

California Golden Poppy

California Golden Poppy

I went out to photograph a bit with my friend Gary the other day in the East Bay hills, before the heat wave came and went. The grass is now rather tall, and starting to change into its summer color. The wind swept over the hills, as the grass swayed gently under its touch. The wild mustard — in bright yellow — a lovely contrast against the green and slightly gold rolling hills. The California oaks are all dressed up now too. Blue and purple colored delicate small lupines here and there, peeking through the lofty grass. Sometimes I think the overcast days are even better for photographing, as the colors are a bit more subdued and the light is more even. The poppies in the higher elevations tend to be much smaller in stature and blossom size, as they struggle for nourishment in the sparse soil. Most of the them were closed for the day — a few reluctantly opening a bit, trying to coax out the sun — which makes our poppies smile.

Have a blessed week

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