Cats and Dogs

I went out for brunch yesterday, well — perhaps “Linner” would be a better word, as it was already pretty late in the day. The place I sometimes go to had its outside tables set up  — I noticed with joy, as I love to sit outside when the weather is good. The waitress brought me a menu to peruse, and as I did, an older couple sat down opposite from me, at the remaining table, which had four empty chairs. They had two spaniels with them — both on leashes — pink in color — so I’m guessing girls. The larger of the two spaniels hopped on one of the remaining two free chairs, filling almost the entire chair. What a big butt I thought to myself, and pretty audacious and spoiled for a dog, usurping a chair like that. The dog must have read my thoughts, because it turned around and gave me a stare that was quite unpleasant. I must exercise caution in my thoughts. The waitress at this point brought out a take-out box filled with water, that the other dog — who was properly lodged under the table welcomed eagerly, by lapping up some of the water. The tension was thus eased all the way around. As I waited for my order to arrive, I started to read a new book that had just come in the mail — a narrative from a cat’s perspective. Funny enough, the first chapter dealt with the unruliness of dogs. Better not laugh out too loud, as the rotund resident in the chair opposite from me might decide to turn around and glare at me again.

After finishing my meal, I strolled back towards my apartment and saw a car with two bumper stickers: One read “Life is short, play with your dog”, the other said “cat mom”. A fair distribution of both species in the same household, I thought to myself.

My last stop along the way was to pet an old golden retriever, who usually trods slowly up to the fence when he sees me, tail wagging — always happy to be petted.

Have a blessed week

3 thoughts on “Cats and Dogs

  1. Neon Fish

    what was the cat narrative book you were reading? just curious, wanting to research cat fiction books, particularly diaries or narratives. any others you’d know of, i’d appreciate you passing along the titles!



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