Head in the Clouds

As mentioned in my prior blog entry, I do tend to lose track of days, as I have no regular schedule in my life. Having written all day today in front of a computer, I decide it really is time to get some fresh air, and to take a walk. I discover that my cat has hidden in my bed all day, as I head for outside — I see a lump in the cover on the bed — and am amused that he thinks, that I can’t see him. Despite the fact that I always leave the front door open, Mr. lazy has remained indoors. In his defense, he did stop by earlier this morning, to bring me his toy mouse, trying to distract me from my writing. So — time for Mr. C to go play outside a bit too. I almost missed the beauty of the day. The sun is low enough on the horizon, that I have to close my eyes. What a treat in late January, this warm weather. I saw the first open magnolia blossoms at Church yesterday too. Bumbling along the sidewalk, I decide on a visit to the library, as it is on my path. I’m surprised to see a group of five or six girls hanging around the front door. As I go to enter, one of the girls giggles at me: “library is closed.” Really? I thought it is Monday. “It’s Martin Luther Kind Day,” she exclaims! Sheepishly, I say “Oh I see,” and continue my late afternoon walk. A quiet day — celebrating a great man in American history.

Have a blessed rest of the short week — if you are keeping track.

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