The Big Blue Monster

It must be Thursday today (I lose track of days once in a while), or rather garbage pick-up day to be more precise. My cat Calvin never ceases to amuse me — he is more than well aware of what day it is, much more so, than his caretaker. This morning, coming out of the shower, I saw him duck under the couch, as the big blue garbage truck could be heard on the street. Now mind you — there are garbage trucks, and then there are garbage trucks. This particular one, doesn’t pick up the regular home garbage cans, but the large metal ones that businesses tend to use, which it lifts over its head, and then empties into its innards, before returning it to the sidewalk. The racket is pronounced to say the least. For cat ears, I guess it must be a 9 on the Richter scale. The big blue monster has passed now, and Calvin re-emerges. After some breakfast, I walk into my little office and sit down at the computer. Calvin hops onto the window sill and looks out, something he loves to do, as many interesting things can be seen here, people, bicycles, dogs, squirrels, kids, and the occasional cat (the latter two are not among his preferences — but interesting nonetheless). What do we have here? The big blue monster is coming back, this time on another route through the alley. Calvin sees it right away of course, and I get up and pet him, and tell him it’s OK — it’s just a garbage truck. Then I actually hear him give a small growl — the enemy is sighted and acknowledged. It rumbles down the alley getting closer and closer. This is too close for comfort, and Calvin jumps off the window sill, and under the couch is once again his destination until the enemy has passed.

Have a peaceful, garbage-free Friday

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