This is a Twingo, from my new book “Sea Shells, C’est Gratuit”. I just love this car. It is a fat, cute, bug-like automobile with big eyes. They built millions of them in France. Surprisingly, although they look like a small egg, they are very spacious inside. My friend “Big Patrick” who is about 6’5 tall, had no problem fitting inside one on the passenger side. Probably my favorite thing I did in a Twingo, was to drive around and around the Arc de Triomphe in circles, just for the fun of it, feeling kind of like a gumball in a gumball machine, before it rolls out. You may notice the Twingo here (which was named Regenwolke) is sporting a “Jack in the Box” antenna ball, which I had brought with me on my trip, for decorating my sister-in-law Anne’s Twingo in Germany. I wonder if that may be considered a cultural exchange or contribution?

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