Chopped liver



Out and about a few weeks ago for some exercise, I stopped in afterwards at one of my favorite pie shops (and you can stop that grinning and snickering) and ordered 1/2 a banana cream pie from the young man behind the counter. He acknowledged my order, collected what was due, and gave me my change, and a receipt as well. Then he started to cut several pies on the counter behind him into small slices, and put them into plastic containers. At one point, he wasn’t faring that well, and one of his co-workers showed him how to tilt the knife properly, so as to retain the appetizing appeal of the pie, rather than demolish it. Thus I waited, and waited some more. Then Mr. pie-slicer turned around, and asked me: “can I help you?” Err…let’s see, I’m on the quiet side, but I’m also 6′ 2, and I don’t believe I look like chopped liver, but apparently he needed a gentle reminder, that I indeed was waiting for my 1/2 banana cream pie that I had purchased from him. Perplexed, he seemed to remember my order now, and I was able to leave the pie shop with my much-anticipated pie, with the customer behind me smiling from ear to ear at this little slice of life, if you forgive the pun. Mr. pie-cutter must have had a lot on his mind.

May you have the joy of a slice of pie this week (banana cream is very good) and share some too.

Matthias Leue

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