Paper or plastic?

Miss Tegut

Miss Tegut

As my groceries were traveling down the conveyer belt at my local Lucky’s supermarket today, I was asked by the checker if I had brought my own bag to put said same into. No I didn’t. I was then told they have no more plastic bags (there is a new law as of Jan. 1 that bans them), which of course is good. It was then made clear to me that paper bags would now be 10 cents a bag (they still bag your groceries for you in case you are panic stricken). So, paper it was. Its a good thing I bought a canvas bag at Tegut in Germany several years ago, which until now has been idly hanging on a doorknob wondering when it would be put to proper use and filled with good things to eat. My paper grocery bags until now had doubled as trash bags. So, Miss Tegut (I think it’s a girl bag, although I could be mistaken) will now accompany me to the supermarket on future visits and is delighted to be finally put into service.

And thus you are now privy to the exiting big supermarket adventure news of the New Year for Jan. 2, 2013.

Note: Yes, that is a carrot you see on the bag. One hopes that there won’t be a rabbit ambush on the way to the market.

Unpackingly yours,

Matthias Leue

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